Author Devduth Menon’s ‘The European Shard’ is an adventurous story created for young readers who love fantasy

The European Shard is a fun, exciting story about a dangerous mission, a fantastic world, and the trials of friendship. Author Devduth Menon weaves an exciting tale full of twists and action, the story of Link Harrow facing the evil Shadow Forest Sorceress.  Link Harrow is just a normal elf living in the kingdom of Elvwizest. Link is…


Multitalented Music Artist Inflation Richerson, a.k.a. Pimprex a.k.a. Rex Roland is captivating everyone with his album ‘The only pi celebrity on earth’

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rex Roland, Music Producer and Vocalist. Here are the excerpts from the interview.  Hi Rex, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself. Greetings, I’m also known as Inflation Richerson, a.k.a. Pimprex. My skills include rap, singing, poetry, and “Spitting Game,” which basically defines as…


In ‘Wealth & Fitness: The Keys to Self Improvement’, Curtis Miller shares his journey of losing over 70 pounds and paying off $30,000 in debt

Wealth & Fitness: The Keys to Self Improvement is the new motivational guide from Curtis Miller. It combines a journey along two very important paths towards health and financial stability. The guide is centered on finding working, practical ways of making lasting change that will provide a path for the readers until they hit the goals they…


Author Lucien Mars raises questions about current history and fate of humans in his book ‘The Last Harvest’

Lucien Mars brings a strange and secret history of humanity that integrates a variety of theories on history, ideas from religion and mythology, and more to paint a sinister and curious picture of reality through the lens of mystery. The Last Harvest: A Secret History of Lucifera, Aliens, The Illuminati & the Fate of Humanity is an intriguing…


Find a new taste of alternative rock music with independent music group V Stadt’s singer Edward Vering’s captivating single ‘Fiend Gate’

We had the pleasure of interviewing Edward Vering, Singer and Songwriter of V Stadt. V Stadt is an American rock/alternative independent music group formed by Edward in 2020. Here are the excerpts from the interview.  Hi Edward, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your journey. Hi, the entire process of…