Anya Soto

She understands the struggles that minorities face and created ‘Culture Crafters’ to facilitate trainings around diversity. Meet Anya Soto.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Anya Soto, Founder of Culture Crafters™. As a professional certified leadership coach, instructional designer and facilitator, Anya is committed to helping organizations craft people-positive and human centric cultures. She designs and facilitates trainings around diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, leadership development, business agility and runs offsite leadership retreats for executive…


If you are a Historical fiction fan, you are in for a treat with the novel Exploration: The Stanfield Chronicles by Author David Tory.

Adventure leaps off the page as young Issac Stanfield finds himself right smack in the middle of the drama that leads to the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620. In Exploration: The Stanfield Chronicles, readers have a ringside seat for all of Stanfield’s serendipitous swashbuckling, while author David Tory interweaves fiction with actual, yet less…


Rendezvous with Rachel Kling, Aikidoist & Author of My Walk on the Aikido Path: A Healing Journey of Self-discovery!!

Rachel Kling, Author, and Aikidoist has announced the release of her profound memoir, My Walk on the Aikido Path: A Healing Journey of Self-discovery. Kling hopes that her story will help others reclaim the power in their lives and see that it’s possible to refashion themselves through mindfulness and perseverance. My Walk on the Aikido Path…


Believe in what you do, and you will be successful – says Italian Tech Entrepreneur Andrea Nepi.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Nepi, an Italian entrepreneur focused on the field of technology. This has always been his passion, and he’s putting everything into developing and growing his software house. We had the pleasure of interviewing him one afternoon, and we wanted to share his journey in order to inspire…


The Rings of Hesaurun by Peter Harrett is a grand feast of the imagination. Check out the exclusive Book Review!

The Rings of Hesaurun is an exciting sci-fi release from Peter Harrett. Hesaurun once had a rich biosphere, but this has been stolen, depleted, left barren. The once-thriving planet and its moons are now ravaged. But not all is lost, as the Five Rings, ancient mechanoids, can take action and stop the same from happening to other planets.…