Cheryl Koehn-Heinle, Founder of Senior Care Home Services is dedicated to keeping elders healthy and happy!

Today, we are interviewing Cheryl Koehn-Heinle, founder and CEO of Senior Care Home Services Inc., which she started back in 2012. She has an extensive background in caring for the elderly, senior care abuse prevention, safety for seniors, and familiar with many challenging situations with her years in this industry. She likes to think outside…


Meet Social Cube – Your Social Media Virtual Assistant that Creates, Schedules, and Publishes To Top 11 Platforms

Hello! Meet, SOCIAL CUBE Your new Virtual Social Media Assistant! Social Cube is a POWERFUL All-in-One Innovative Platform That Creates Engaging Video, Schedules, and Publishes To 11 Top Social Platforms! Including TikTok, LinkedIn, and Youtube! Explode organic traffic by staying consistent on social media💎 Post Daily. Social Cube makes it easy! Save time and Boost…


His life story is an inspiration, Motivational Speaker and Minister Dorsey Ross shares it all in his Autobiography Overcomer

Today, we are interviewing Dorsey Ross, a minister, and motivational speaker. He encourages and inspires people to do their best in life.   Please tell us something about yourself. I am forty-three years old, and I was born with a congenital birth defect called Apert Syndrome, a birth defect of the hands and the face.…


She dons many hats! Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Award-Winning Author – Shari Thornes

Meet Shari Thornes, the six-figure mogul & serial entrepreneur. She’s a life coach, founder of Rush Hour cosmetics, founder of Her of Household Enterprises, motivational speaker, award-winning author, celebrity wardrobe stylist & future mental rehabilitation director.   How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey. I…


Making Art and Fashion is my life’s purpose, says Luxury wear Fashion Designer Tara Vatanpour

Today, we are interviewing Tara Vatanpour. From a multicultural background, Persian-Azari, American, and French, Tara Vatanpour is an installation art and performance art based artist, as well as a luxury wear fashion designer, currently based in Paris. From a solid educational background in Fine Arts, she has today exhibited in the Venice Biennale, London, and…