P'pa Carpenter

French Music composer P’pa Carpenter produces scintillating guitar infused soundscapes in his latest single ‘Bullitt Rock’

We had the pleasure of interviewing Romain Carpentier, a 63-year-old Argenteuil, France-based nurse, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, who ten years ago taught himself a little bit of guitar and bass, following a childhood dream of becoming a musician. In the past decade, the self-taught Carpenter has written compositions that draw from Spanish music, surf rock, and 60s…


Get insights on how to be firm, fair and consistent in Mike Siver’s latest book ‘Your Name: How to Build and Repair Your Reputation at Any Age’

Author Mike Siver brings an exciting new release, focusing on a topic that is becoming more important than ever and yet, not very discussed from a practical perspective: reputation. Reputation is something that can be hard to earn and even harder to fix at any age. In this regard, it is very important to understand what contributes…


Arizona Native Amy Riggs has a natural aptitude for beautiful buildings and helps people get the best look for their homes.

Amy Riggs has a lot of experience with sales and helping people. Her customers, who point to her helpfulness, work ethic, strong communication, and desire to help, can vouch for the amazing results she provides. Amy Riggs is a fifth-generation Arizona native who loves Phoenix and its surrounding areas and wants to introduce the places…


Listen to the enigmatic pieces of music by Music Artist Gxnyo in his latest album ‘The Happiness Allergies’

Gxnyo (pronounced Gon-Yo) has recently dropped another great release to please his fans. The Happiness Allergies features four tracks that have a lot of energy, flow, style, and humor. It includes Tired, In My Head, Popstarr, and Down. Nick Gonyo, known by his artistic name Gxnyo, is a truly unique artist. He is a genre-hopper who performs a bit of everything and…


Author Lane Martin has done a splendid job with her romantic novel ‘Nooky’ which is part of the ABC’s of Love Series

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lane Martin, Author of contemporary romance and sports romance books. Here are the excerpts from the interview.  Hi Lane, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself. Hi, I have two series, several standalone novels, and I am part of multiple romance anthologies.…