‘My Life As A Day Trader: Living The Dream: A Financial Market Thriller’ by Aiden Drake has it all- stripper scams, cops, lawyers, drug dealers, and more

Aiden Drake is offering the first installment in a promising new series, The Day Trader, set in the exciting and dangerous world of financial markets, trading, and corruption. Aiden Drake is just a small-town boy who has made it big and is now facing a web of corruption darker and deeper than he could have ever imagined. …


Hip-Hop Artist Deuce Mayne’s single ‘Long Live Weedie’ was written, recorded, and filmed in the loving memory of his fiancé Lareesia Wright

Maurice Turner, Jr (born March 28, 1990), known as Deuce Mayne, is an American Rap Artist and Songwriter from Shelby, Mississippi, a small town in the Mississippi Delta region of Mississippi around Winstonville, Mound Bayou, Rosedale & Shelby, Mississippi. Deuce Mayne is best known as a “realist” in his music specializing in hip-hop & rap music. Currently residing…


‘Bring that beat back’ by Thee immortal Mr. Miraculous a.k.a. Super hood hero galvanizes the rapper’s effort to popularize old school rap

We had the pleasure of interviewing Thee immortal Mr. Miraculous a.k.a. Super hood hero a.k.a. shh, a Hip-Hop Music Artist. Here are the excerpts from the interview.  Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.  My name is Super hood hero, a.k.a. shh. Actually, I have two hip-hop personalities.…

rturo Valverde_ Gerente General de Sony Music Chile (al centro)_ junto a los Sultanes del Ritmo_ Lino Borbolla Patricio Fredz_ Pablo Sabor y Alex Salcedo

The Chilean-Cuban band of Sultanes del Ritmo and Pablo Sabor is dominating the Latin world of Music with their singles Concha la Lora and El Culequé

The Chilean-Cuban band, with multiple Latin Grammy nominations in 2022, including the categories Best Modern Tropical Music and the Album of the Year, with their final two productions, El Culequé and Por Donde le Entra el Agua al Coco? is preparing their new album, which they are planning to release in March of 2023.  Their…


Non invasive Aesthetic Educator, Practitioner and Author Wendy Jones book ‘Just Start’ has practical lessons on making life’s biggest transformations

Wendy Jones, a noninvasive aesthetic educator and practitioner is launching her book soon, its called Just Start. It is all about making big transformations in one’s daily life and finding the right mindset through practical changes that anyone can implement.  Jones brings insights from her own experience. She faced a huge low in her life: her…


Experience the musical brilliance of ‘Drew Cagle & The Reputation’ in the album ‘Haunted’ that has over 200k streams on Spotify

Drew Cagle & The Reputation are wrapping up on their first promotional tour across the United States. This tour was linked to the one-year anniversary release of their debut album Haunted, so it was titled Haunted as well. This was an effective debut with music that is full of skill and passion and has found thousands of fans. The…

Dead Summer

Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix prove themselves as strong contenders in the pop-punk scene with their latest single ‘Dead Summer’

Traditionally, pop-punk, like all rock sub-genres, was the realm of guitars, drum kits, and basses, the standard, old-school instrumental setup. But the digital revolution in recording technology means that even such tried and tested genres could get a new lease of life. And that is what Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix have done in creating…