Groove with the fresh blend of afrobeats, hip-hop, and RnB in the singles ‘Get It’ and ‘Hey Mama’ by Music Artist Tosyn

Tosyn is bringing his listeners two new singles: Get It and Hey Mama. This artist is getting noticed thanks to his exciting combination of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and RnB throughout the last couple of years.  Tosyn is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, but he moved to Canada in 2018 and then went to the United States in 2022. Currently, the artist…


Music Artist Kelsey Montanez puts forward a perfect blend of blues and pop in her single ‘Let Me Love You’

Kelsey Montanez is one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets. Both intimate and ecstatic, smokey and scorching, her potent blend of blues, pop, and psychedelia has been turning heads for over a decade. Among the singer-songwriter’s many talents, Montanez’s arresting voice has captured a devoted fanbase. Unsurprisingly, her visceral 2013 EP “A Delightful Sadness” scored her a record…


Check out the powerful parenting method ‘E.M.B.R.A.C.E.’ in Samantha S. Woo’s book ‘How to Stop Yelling & Start Connecting with Your Highly-Emotional Teen’

How to Stop Yelling & Start Connecting with Your Highly-Emotional Teen: Healing Anxiety, Depression & Trauma Using The E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Parenting™ Method is the new book from Samantha S. Woo. It is a must-have guide for parents who are having difficulties with their teens.  Being the parent of a teen is not easy. Often, this involves…

Brotha Yannick

Talented Music Artist Brotha Yannick’s musical compositions take you through you a whirlpool of emotions

Bringing Hip Hop a much-needed feel of authentic and raw lyricism, Brotha Yannick uses musical compositions to narrate important messages and stories. Upcoming artist and musician Brotha Yannick is all set to use his musical compositions to highlight the trials and tribulations he has felt throughout his life and the obstacles he has faced.  His musical albums remain…


Leaders are looking for a new world order while the world is coming apart. Author J.W.R Henderson shares the story in ‘Gods Versus Karma: The Hell Capsule Force’

Gods Versus Karma: The Hell Capsule Force is an exciting new offering from author J.W.R Henderson. It is a unique blend of science fiction and Greek mythology that creates an original setting full of exciting, dark twists and turns.  The world is at war and has been for a while after quick shifts have taken it from…


Rising music Artist Mr. MiLK is making listeners enthralled with his new single ‘Head Like a Hole’ from the album Protruding Planet

Head Like a Hole is the newest release from the rising indie artist Mr. MiLK. This is a complex instrumental piece that can thrill fans of original music who are looking for musicians outside of the mainstream. This piece offers a fascinating combination of instruments and percussion and is a perfect showcase of Mr. MiLK’s talents as…


Author Randy Slapnicka adds a strong touch of non-fiction to make the fiction more interesting in his book ‘Leave the Bottom’

Leave the Bottom is the thrilling, sea-themed story about a biologist facing against a mogul. Melody Foster is a biologist and a geneticist, a specialist of the highest caliber known for her work with octopuses. She takes a consulting job at a mining operation in the sea that is warring against strangely smart octopuses. Now Melody…