He is influencing the World through Positivity & Love via ChadChange movement…Let’s hear the inspiring journey of Founder Chad Ehlers!!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Social Media Influencer Chad Ehlers, also more commonly known as Da_chad. He has made it his mission to bring some joy into people’s lives with his Global movement called ChadChange. He continues to spread love and positivity through music and dance through his movement. He knows that in today’s world,…


Emilia Pedersen’s mesmerising voice in her latest single “Missing Myself” will make you listen to the song on repeat!

Emilia Pedersen releases her second pop single, “Missing Myself.” The new track follows the successful hit single, “Skyline,” released earlier this year. “Missing Myself” is about character evolution and becoming reliant on yourself and not others. The upbeat pop track promotes the message to ‘Always be yourself, never be afraid to be different.‘ Emilia’s alluring voice…


Popular R&B Artist Moody Bank$ releases a musically enriched soulful saga with her single ‘Strawberry Amnesia’.

Moody Bank$ delivers a fresh break from the everyday sounds of modern R&B with her hit single, “Strawberry Amnesia.” The track is off her latest EP, Full Blunts and Full Moons.  “Strawberry Amnesia” is the perfect introduction to Moody Bank$’s genre-bending sounds and unique smokey vocals. Not only is “Strawberry Amnesia” sonically captivating, but the meaning…


She creates flawless digital designs that engage the users, Let’s hear the Success story of designer Kim Baschet.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Kim Baschet, a Lead Designer specializing in Digital Design, Interfaces, and Motion UI.  Please tell us about your journey. I grew up in France and lived in San Francisco for a time. I’ve worked for agencies (TBWA, Instrument, Upperquad), design studios, and brands. I am now an independent artist.…


Palpx is on a mission to transform human lives, to keep us fully ready for the impending AI revolution – says Co-Founder Sreejith S Pillai.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Sreejith S Pillai, Co-founder & Managing Director at Palpx. He is a futurist, strategist, and entrepreneur aimed at solving challenging business and user problems in creative and impactful ways.  Palpx is a multidisciplinary AI solutions provider and design studio based in Bangalore, India with global offices in Sydney, Australia and…


An interaction with Inspirational personality G. J. Harris – An Author, Speaker and Founder of Shu Ha Ri Do Martial Arts System!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing G. J. Harris, an Author, Speaker, and Founder of the Shu Ha Ri Do Martial Arts System. His company name is Shu Ha Ri Do Elite LLC Inc. Please tell us about your journey. In 1975 as a 4-year old I saw my first Bruce Lee movie at a drive-in theater. That was…


Kwame Frimpong Nyanor, Author of “The Healing of the Heart” inspires people to achieve their dreams!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Kwame Frimpong Nyanor, an ordained Pastor and a Georgia Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor. He dons many hats: He is an Associate Licensed Professional Counselor, National certified Counselor, Marriage and family therapist. He is the founder of Kwame Frimpong Life Coaching, a ministry dedicated to empowering and offering hope to couples, individuals, and families to overcome personal…


The gifted Irish star Dar.Ra has lit up the ambiance with cracking grooves in his album Ballads For The Down-Trodden!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dar.Ra, an Irish Born, Music Artist, Producer, and Author. He has recently released his album Ballads For The Down-Trodden. Another quality long-playing release from one of our favorite Irish artists Dar.Ra, who happens to be based in the UK and raises the flag for dedicated Song-smiths around the globe.  He…


Listen to the Creative Progressions of Hip Hop in Rising Music Artist Badass Tran’s latest single Vietnamese.

Today, we have the pleasure of Interviewing Music Artist Jimmy Nhat-Thien Tran Aka Badass Tran. He is one of the best music artists that are breaking the norms. His latest video song is on YouTube now. The video is refreshing, showing people in masks and amazing views of Vietnam. The song is titled Vietnamese; it…