Talented Videographer Nikki Sienna helps you capture every moment, Be it Business or Wedding!

Today, we are interviewing Nikki Sienna, a talented Videographer who is currently servicing Southern California. She is a dedicated woman who does things passionately and has a keen sense of being able to capture your essence. Weddings, Quinceañeras, Business, Real Estate Videos, and Aerial Drone Shots. You name it, she does it!   Please tell…


The immersive game makes you feel you are living in the future! Meet Star Citizen Player DirectorGunner who has spent $35000 on it!

Today, we are interviewing David, and he goes by DirectorGunner in the Star Citizen community. Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer online game with features such as space simulator, first-person shooter, and exceedingly great graphics. David is an enthusiastic backer of Star Citizen and Star Citizen cosplayer, as seen on CIG videos and the Red…