An Interview with Jake Adebayo, Founder of One of the Most Successful Bootstrapped African Startups of Our Time.

No celebrity investors or expensive TV campaigns for this online marketplace startup for outsourcing services. If you have never heard of SkillPatron, that’s because it doesn’t grab salacious headlines on tech blogs. With its headquarters located in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, SkillPatron is a startup that is changing how individuals get work done & how…


This is a fight for Humanity – says Mabelle Prior the award winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Broadcast journalist

Mabelle Prior the award-winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Broadcast journalist says – She stands with everyone making an effort to make things better for everyone in this time of pandemic. And that she cannot help empathizing with those currently sick and all alone in isolation and those who have lost loved ones in this struggle. From…


Khristian Santana of Supremacy Barbershop shares how he has turned his Passion into a Successful Business

Today, we are interviewing Khristian Santana from Cleveland, Ohio. He has partnered up with his wife, and both of them run Supremacy Barbershop, a territory created purely for males who appreciate premium quality and flawless look. You have a chance to have a really good time at his barbershop.   Please tell us something about…


Instagram Star with 350k followers, Author Ventum talks about his book – In Love With Pain

Today, we are interviewing Ventum, a bilingual writer and songwriter based out of Switzerland with Albanian roots. He crafts lyrics in both English and German poetry whose impactful words have earned him a loyal Instagram following of over 350,000 poetry lovers. 1. Please tell us something about yourself.  I am a 24-year-old, self-published poetry writer…