Multi talented Singer and Songwriter Róisín Doyle’s latest song What Could Have Been is based on heartbreak.

Róisín Doyle is a singer and songwriter from Ireland who plays six instruments. Doyle is thrilling fans with her new releases that have already earned thousands of followers, a number that is growing every day.  Róisín Doyle is only 24 years old, but she can already play six different instruments. Currently, this songwriter and singer has…


Albert Wilcox a.k.a. Al Blaze, Founder of My Pakk has launched innovative products that can disrupt the way marketing is done.

Will My Pakk Change the Game? Albert Wilcox, a.k.a. Al Blaze, Artist, Owner, and Creator of the company that’s about to change the marketing and promotion industry. The company is called My Pakk. My Pakk has groundbreaking products that have been awarded 3…YES…3 💥💥💥PATENTS. So you might ask, what’s so special and groundbreaking about this company? Well, My Pakk marketing…


‘Precision: The Original Magruder Mystery’ by Author D.C. Scott thrills readers as they follow the twists in the plot.

For fans of detective stories, thrilling and twisty mysteries, and exciting stories, Precision by D.C. Scott should provide a real treat. The retired detective Jay Magruder is studying cold cases and discovers an unsolved case that draws his interest. An ad in the paper brings a young man who seems to know all the details of the story, despite…