‘We eat, drink and sleep codes! That’s why we are Geeks’, Here is the story of ‘Geeks Working’ from Malaysia

Online spaces and pages have become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, but especially small and medium companies that have been pushed to move online because of the pandemic. One of the central elements of a strong online presence is a tailor-made website that can impress customers, earn their trust, and convince them to…


Morgan Lemaitre, Co-Founder of ‘Park City Family Office’ shares how to foster accountability and financial literacy in kids

What can be done now that will teach your child how to be capable in navigating important financial decisions? Morgan Lemaitre, CFP® Co-Founder of Park City Family Office has 3 lessons that will foster accountability and financial literacy. Before any training begins, give your child the gift of approachability under any circumstance. “It is important…


Check out the inspiring and successful journey of Life Coach Julianna Dawson, CEO of Whole Life Change LLC.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Julianna Dawson, Founding President and CEO of Whole Life Change LLC. She is also an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Strategist, Marketing and Management Consultant. For many years, people have enjoyed the empathetic and life-changing power of her on stage, in her books, and in the personal development…