If you are looking for Financial Advice, your search ends here. An interaction with the Founder of Tohme Accounting – Samer Tohme

Today, we are interviewing Samer Tohme, owner, and founder of Tohme Accounting. He has been a Chartered Professional Accountant for years. Tohme Accounting puts its customers first by providing accounting, tax, and financial management services to Ottawa and Montreal businesses. Please tell us something about yourself. As a young man, I watched my father work…

Natasha Maxwell

‘That Girl’ celebrates the Success of Women from youth to adulthood and beyond. Meet the Founder Natasha Lee

Today, we are interviewing Natasha Lee, a Speaker, Influencer, Thought Leader, Business Enthusiast, Philanthropist, Editor, Educator and serial entrepreneur who is the proud Founder & CEO of Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT) & Being That Girl (That Girl).   Please tell me about yourself. Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT) & Being That Girl (That…

Michelle Morton

Beauty Enthusiast and Founder of KmXtend Hair Extensions Michelle Morton talks about how her brand is helping her customers!

Today we are interviewing Michelle Morton, the founder of KmXtend Hair Extensions. She has been a beauty enthusiast all her life. Let’s hear about her success journey. How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey? I went to cosmetology school at a very young age while…


Singer and Songwriter Margarita Shamrakov stuns the Global Audience with her latest song ‘Radium Girls’ – A Tribute to Radium girl workers

Today, we are interviewing Margarita Shamrakov, a singer, songwriter, producer, and poet who lives in New York City. Margarita writes, records, performs and produces all of the project’s music in the recording studio.    How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey. Lots of people inspired…


Cheryl Koehn-Heinle, Founder of Senior Care Home Services is dedicated to keeping elders healthy and happy!

Today, we are interviewing Cheryl Koehn-Heinle, founder and CEO of Senior Care Home Services Inc., which she started back in 2012. She has an extensive background in caring for the elderly, senior care abuse prevention, safety for seniors, and familiar with many challenging situations with her years in this industry. She likes to think outside…