School-going children are improving their skills in Technology and Digital Literacy via Bengaluru based Startup Modo

  Modo (meaning ‘way’ in Italian) is a Bangalore (Bengaluru) based startup with a vision to upskill school-going children in technology and digital literacy. Amalore Jude is the Founder, and CEO of the company.   Modo was created to address a growing gap between technological advancements and school-level curriculum. Children of today must skill themselves…


Podcaster Rebecca Wobecca takes a down to earth and funny perspective on parenting with her Podcast Parenting Aaah!

Today, we are interviewing Rebecca Wobecca, parent and educator. She hosts the podcast Parenting Aaah!, that takes a down to earth, funny perspective on parenting, and provides support on common issues parents face. She has a broad wealth of experience in educating children and working with parents. However, her experience as a working mom of…


Travel, because Money returns but time does not!, Says Podcaster Fatima Barnes aka The Pretty Wanderer

Today, we are interviewing Fatima Barnes, also known as The Pretty Wanderer, a travel enthusiast and podcaster. She is the host of Let’s Talk Travel with The Pretty Wanderer. Please tell us something about yourself. I inspire people to start traveling this big beautiful world by connecting them with other travel enthusiasts such as myself…


Your hair should be a reflection of your distinct personality – says Meddy, A Successful French Hairdresser in Miami

Today, we are interviewing hair expert Meddy Mahieddine. Born and raised in Paris with an innate sense of style, creativity, and an eye for beauty.  Drawing inspiration from fashion, both of the past and present, Stylist Meddy strives to deliver sexy, modern style to his clients. Meddy believes that hair should complement your best features…