Tech Entrepreneur KayeCee Austin talks about Cadence.Co – A Social Network platform for members with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, Bi-Polar, and other neurodiverse personalities

Bitgog: Thank you for joining us today. For those who aren’t familiar, please share a little about yourself. KayeCee: Thank you for having me. I’m KayeCee Austin, a Tech Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and Mindset Coach. Bitgog: So we hear, as an Amazon Best Selling Author, that you have your fourth book coming out soon. It’s called…


They are passionate about creating the ultimate destination for all things hair and beauty, says Founders of Hairglo from London

Today, we are having an interaction with founders of Hairglo Limited. Their company has an online & retail store in Bromley, London that deals with the retail sale of beauty, cosmetic and haircare products Please tell us something about yourself. A few years ago we opened a shop on Bromley Road in London. Ever since…