Voters handbook

An interaction with Roger Himes, J.D., Author of ‘A Voter’s Handbook: How Should I Vote? Liberal v. Conservative?’

Today, we are having an interaction with author Roger Himes, J.D., who has recently written the ebook – A Voter’s Handbook: How Should I Vote? Liberal v. Conservative Please tell us something about yourself. Most voters don’t understand voting issues. I’m a lawyer who understands issues and makes them easy to understand. This is a…


Are you a fan of Quizzes and Trivia games? Check out Winzy App by Sindhu Raju

Today, we are interviewing Sindhu Raju, an Entrepreneur. She has done her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from Osmania University and then went on to product development of Synergy EHR – Electronic health record software, which was certified by ONC-ATCB of the United States. Apart from that, she has also ventured into the drinking water treatment technology…


TedX Speaker Amikaeyla Gaston says ‘Make your next big move’ through her Masterclass, Voice Your Vision

Today, we are interviewing Amikaeyla Gaston, an Award-winning Performer, Speaker, and peak performance Coach. She has been a TedX Speaker. She has led corporations, universities, government and nonprofit organizations through her high peak performance training, and her programming and work with refugees and at-risk children, youth and families have taken her around the world to…