Former party girl and Fashionista Lee-Anne tells fashion secrets in her lifestyle blog ‘Wots Her Name Again’

Today, we are interviewing Lee-Anne, and she is a 30 plus blogger. She runs a Lifestyle blog ‘Wots Her Name Again.’ She is a former party girl, Lupus survivor, Natural hair journeyer, product junkie, fashionista, and of late a smoothie junkie. How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more…


EDM is the art of the soul…Shadeswiper, Canadian electronic dance music producer shares her journey

Today, we are interviewing Amar Alexandra, also known professionally as Shadeswiper. She is a Canadian electronic dance music producer and classically trained pianist. Shadeswiper mainly produces big room / progressive house music denoting elements heavily influenced by her classical training background as well as cinematic emphasis from various video games.    Please tell us something…


How to Write a Spotless E-commerce Email Marketing Strategy to Get More Orders

Email marketing remains a surefire way to increase sales despite the evolution in the digital space, including the rise in popularity and consequent usage of social media platforms. Well crafted email marketing strategies can help to attract new clients, generate more leads, increase conversions, generate more traffic, and improve orders and sales – all of…