Author Conor Noll takes readers on an emotional journey with his splendid collection of poems in ‘Gray: Assorted Poems’

Debuting author Conor Noll is offering readers his first published piece, a collected poetry book titled Gray. Gray is an insightful, vulnerable, and honest collection that is sure to thrill fans of poetry and reads full of passion and emotion. Gray is a short collection, clocking at around 40 pages, but this is a book that truly can be said to…


Music Artist Daniel Dawidow treats music lovers by releasing his impressive album ‘Acquiescence’

Daniel Dawidow has released his album Acquiescence, a promising album with a lot of potential, a unique sound, and a meaningful compilation of lyrics and sound.  Acquiescence is the word that describes the concept of accepting something reluctantly, of being willing to let go of one’s resistance to a situation. This is the central sentiment behind the…


US Army Veteran & Music Artist Reydel Castillo a.k.a. TrueWork captivates the listeners with his recently released song ‘Be That Man’

Reydel Castillo, better known as TrueWork, is thrilling fans with his new release, “Be That Man.” This release is sure to resonate with listeners, as it offers a powerful story and an engaging melody with the unique sound that has distinguished this American artist. Castillo works with hip-hop and pop, developing his talent for songwriting, performing,…


Talented Artist Tugen latest releases ‘Moonlight’, ‘Find Your Love’ and ‘Waiting for the Sun’ have great lyrics and a smashing tempo

Tugen is an up-and-coming artist who has several releases under his belt. 2023 has seen three releases from him already. Two of these were beautiful collaborations with other very talented artists. He released Moonlight, working together with the duo Blackout and specifically showcasing the beautiful, gentle vocals from lead singer Julia Ortiz. The second collab he released…


Author Layla Moon’s ‘Self-Care for Black Women: 5 Books in 1’ helps in prioritizing your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being

Self-Care for Black Women: 5 Books in 1 – A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Quiet Your Inner Critic, Boost Self-Esteem, and Love Yourself is the new workbook from Layla Moon. It is a guide for a one-year journey in increasing one’s well-being and boosting mental health using different strategies and targeting specific problems and also strengths.…