Stefan Kristinkov’s amazing new release Clarinet Vibe is a testament to his exceptional artistic ability.

Clarinet Vibe is the second solo project from Stefan Kristinkov. It plays with the idea of limiting the timbral diversity, creating maximum emotional impact and a distinct, beautiful aesthetic. The EP features the clarinet front and center and is accompanied by a beautiful combination of vibraphone, bass guitar, and a drum set to provide a…


Doug Ferony has etched out brilliant vibes of Jazz in his latest single, I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face!

I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face is the latest single coming from the brilliant mind of Doug Ferony, the acclaimed singer and songwriter who is bringing retro-styled jazz back in fashion.  The song is soothing, silky smooth, and full of an old-fashioned romanticism that is sometimes lacking in modern mainstream music. Layered with jazz arrangements, the song…


Emerging Hip Hop Artist Tre K delivers powerful rap with his latest release, Good Timing!

Good Timing is one of the top songs on the newest release, Who Killed Benny from Tre K. This exciting hip-hop album showcases the unique talents of this emerging artist who already has thousands of listeners on Spotify and other major music platforms. Who Killed Benny is a rap album released in October 2021. It features nine top-quality tracks with…


Canadian band Mercury Messiah’s exciting debut release ‘Sunlight Surfing’ exemplifies the best blend of electric and hard rock.

Sunlight Surfing is the exciting debut release from the Canadian band Mercury Messiah. The band offers a fresh new mix of electric and hard rock sounds in order to create something novel and beautiful. Sunlight Surfing is full of chill vibes and a soft energy that is likely to bring listeners wanting more. Mercury Messiah is making its way…


NuKarma brings the experiences of tropical beats and positive vibes through his new release, Lay-Up!

Lay-Up is a new release from Chicago artist NuKarma. With a lot of pleasant tropical ambiance, the song is sure to add positivity to any listener’s day. This track is part of the upcoming project KarmaWomack, a musical offering that combines good vibes, artistic authenticity, and tropical beats. Pre-Save KarmaWomack: Known for bringing versatile…


Japanese artist Riku(戮) is conquering the international music scene with his exciting new release Overwhelming.

Overwhelming is the exciting new release from Riku(戮), a Japanese artist who is conquering international markets and scenes. The singer and songwriter is creating original music with powerful vocals, lyrics, and style.  Riku is a solo artist who has been the lead vocalist for hit bands like HISKAREA and Phantasmagoria. He is currently building his career and…


Exposure Explosion Festival by Studd Da Kidd gives an opportunity to artists to market themselves.

Exposure Explosion Festival is an event that is expected to take place across different cities and states to bring creatives together alongside professionals from other industries, build solid networks across professions, and allow artists of all types to market their skills successfully. The festival is a weekly event to create a positive structure that can…