The machine is the soulless version of self…Check out the album ‘Machine’ released by Rap artist Wayz!

Hip-hop has this power to throw light upon sensitive topics that we sometimes ignore. Hip hop and Rap artist Wayz has recently released his first independent album, Machine. The album embraces the idea that a lot of people today are preprogrammed like machines. I really appreciate the authenticity of directness that is there in the…


What is Earth without art…Check out Nick Davies’s latest single!

Singer and songwriter, Nick Davies, recently released his newest single, “Earth Without Art.”  ‘Earth Without Art’ is an excellent track hinting at the current threat to humanity due to coronavirus.  Nick Davies is a talented singer who is inspiring our artists and musicians during this time of Coronavirus pandemic, threatening humans. He has crafted a beautiful pop…


You will love listening to Miénteme, Its the newest single of Latin R&B Artist Dylan Carbone!

The genre of Latin Pop and American R&B has eternally been one of my beloved music genres of all time. I was thrilled when I found this masterpiece ‘Miénteme’ by talented musician Dylan Carbone.  “Mienteme” aka (I Don’t Wanna Know) is streaming across the globe on 40 plus music platforms.  The song radiates rich harmony of enthralling melody…