We collect art that speaks of human-to-human connection – says Executive Director at IBEX Collection

Today, we are interviewing David Willson, Collector & Executive Director at IBEX Collection. After almost thirty years owning an international software and consulting firm, he is now one of the three Co-Collectors behind the IBEX Collection – the largest active collection in the world of super-realistic, contemporary figurative art. 1. Please tell us something about…

Jillian Edwards Coburn

A Rendezvous with Woman Entrepreneur, Inventor and Author from Texas

Hey guys, Today, we are interviewing Jillian Edwards Coburn, who is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, outdoorswoman, and mother of three who is passionately committed to supporting and elevating women who have nowhere to turn and living under the shadows of domestic violence. Jillian Edwards Coburn is also the co-owner of…