Shuchita Garg 2

Award winning Chronic Pain Medicine Physician from USA talks about her successful journey

Today, we are interviewing Shuchita Garg, MD, an American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) certified board super specialist in Pain Medicine and a specialist in Anesthesiology, with rich experience in this advanced field of medicine for about twenty (20) years now. After successful completion of four-year ACGME accredited residency in Anesthesiology and having gone through a…

Eva Rojano The Black Butterfly

Author Eva Rojano’s novel “The Black Butterfly, The theatrical performance – Part 1” launched on Kindle

We had previously interviewed author Eva Rojano about her novel “The Black Butterfly, The theatrical performance” that was prone to be published this year. The book has been published and we would like to interview Eva again, in regards to it.   1. You commented in our last interview, that “The Black Butterfly” was about…

Jithender Reddy 2

Entrepreneurs gotta hustle and work 70 plus hours every week, shares successful entrepreneur from India

Today, we are interviewing Jithender Reddy, founder of Intact360 Industries Pvt Ltd and Digital Clerks. Having held different positions across different companies in different countries, he then decided to start Intact360 in 2018 and Digital Clerks in 2019. He always embraces the freedom to adapt to new things along the way, knowing every choice will…