Contemporary Violinist from Buffalo New York, Asher Laub has been into music since he was 2 years old

Today, we are interviewing Asher Laub, and he is a classically trained, contemporary violinist, from Buffalo New York, with a passion for musical production, and live performances. He spends a lot of his time producing original music, for his fans, in addition to recording famous covers on the violin and collaborating with other artists.  …

Self-Care-during-Coronavirus Covid19

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus – Practising Self-Care Using Only Household Appliances

The COVID-19 outbreak has been raging on for weeks now, completely shutting down companies, industries, and even entire economies. With over a million confirmed cases worldwide and an impending recession, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed in these trying times. When going through difficult and complicated situations, psychologists and other experts often recommend getting…