Here’s How You Can Save Money On Your New Commercial Property


Save Money with a Better Commercial Septic System

Are you moving your business to a new location?

The first thing you need to take a look at is the septic system. The septic on your property could be out-of-date and end up costing your business tons of time and funds to repair.

A new, modern septic system design can save you tons of money – not to mention protecting the environment from harmful pollution. Here’s why you should consider installing a new commercial septic system on your property:

Save money and space

Traditional septic systems, both residential and commercial, use a leach field that percolates wastewater into the soil. While this system usually works, it can often lead to harmful groundwater pollution. That’s the last thing you need around your business!

Modern commercial septic systems let you ditch the leach field by filtering 99% of harmful bacteria inside the septic tank. That way, you save space, protect the environment, and never have to worry about backups and clogs.

Never deal with repairs

The other major downside to old-school septic systems is the maintenance. Since they depend on gravity and time to filter wastewater, they can easily get backed up, flooded, or cause a leak. Those repairs will really add up, wasting your business’s time and money.

But in a modern, eco-friendly commercial septic system, the breakdown of waste is accelerated using air or natural bacteria. That means less maintenance and repairs, and long-lasting security!

Want to update your commercial septic system? Just get in touch with California septic installation professionals and schedule a consultation.

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