Working Mom & Compassionate Woman Claudia Livermore shares her Skincare Secret!!


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Claudia Livermore. Let's hear her story!!

Hi, Please tell us about yourself and what it is that you do.

I was born in Visalia, California, and moved to Bakersfield when I was five years old. I'm the middle child of two brothers, and I have always felt the need to take care of my family, even when I was young.  I'm sure this is why my chosen profession was to be a nurse.

I have one son, and his name is Adam. I was a single mom while raising him with the help of my mom and dad. He has indeed been a blessing to our family and has brought us so much joy. He is almost 26 years old now and a Radiologic Technologist. He has been working at Memorial Hospital, a local hospital here in Bakersfield, and a sister hospital to Mercy Hospital, which is who I work for.

I'm also married for three years to a man I've known for over 40 years. Our moms were good friends many years ago, which is how we met. He is a kind and loving man and treats my son as if he were his own. With this blessing in my life, I'm planning for my future retirement so I can travel with my husband. There are so many places I want to go but never had the time. My husband retired almost three years ago and has taken up gunsmithing and golfing, although he's patiently waiting for my retirement.

Juggling with my career, I have many things in life that I enjoy. I love being in the water, especially water skiing. I love reading, gardening, and I recently started line dancing again, which I missed. I also love animals, especially dogs and cats.  When my husband and I got married, we merged our animals. Since, I had recently lost my parents, and we had taken in their animals. My son has our other two cats and two dogs living with him. So in our household, we have four dogs that we love very much and make us laugh every day. We always say if you want to come to our homes you better love animals.

Please share your journey as an 
Enchantments byLasso customer.

I have many interests, but as a woman, I enjoy dressing up from time to time. I have quite a bit of makeup that I love practicing putting on. I used to love laying out in the sun and getting suntanned. But those days are over for me, and my skin shows some of the results of that. I just recently tried Enchantments byLasso and have noticed a difference in my skin which makes me very happy. It's nice to go out without face makeup sometimes, and this new skin line has to help me do that. 


What are the strategies that helped you succeed in your professional and family life?

I started my profession as a nurse working for a dermatologist.  Although I learned so much working there, I felt the need to spread my wings and work in our county emergency room. I guess I loved the adrenaline rush and helping save lives. I met some of my best friends to this day working there. My ER career lasted for over 16 years.  I then moved on to the opposite end of the spectrum per se. I started working as a hospice nurse. This was probably the most rewarding nursing I have ever done. I loved that we could spend with patients and their families and helping them through the dying process. It really can be a beautiful and rewarding experience. I am now a clinical documentation specialist. This job allows me to use my clinical knowledge while reviewing patient records.


Any message for our readers.

In many years of practice in different fields, I learned to value every opportunity and to find time to take care of myself. No matter where I am, I always make sure I provide my best service, not only to make good impression but hones you to be better at it. It is a learning process to be in different environments, and this has helped me survive and improve in my chosen career. These things come with stress; that is why it is important to go back to yourself and treat it from time to time, and that's why I started to take good care of my skin with Enchantments byLasso. What I learned to succeed is my story to the readers of what you can do to achieve your personal goals and to remind you to take care of yourself.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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