Christie Trinwith is helping people fulfill their dream of achieving stardom through her book “Be a Real Model-Actor.”


Many people dream of fame, whether as actors and actresses or models. However, this path can be difficult for someone coming in without industry connections or insider knowledge. Still, anyone can make it with the best tips and the right strategies. Christie Trinwith's book “Be a Real Model-Actor” offers just that: actionable advice and practical strategies that Trinwith draws from her experience to create a step-by-step guidebook for aspiring actors and models.

Trinwith herself is no stranger to the spotlight. She is a model who has worked with brands like L'Oréal and many others. As an actress, she has appeared in films like Black Panther. On primetime television, she featured in hit drama series like White Collar, Gossip Girl, and others. 

At the same time, Trinwith has never forgotten her first love, which is writing. So now, she is bringing this passion together with her other careers to create something valuable and well-written that others can enjoy and use. 

“Be a Real Model-Actor” is a book that lives up to the title's promise. It is not just about Trinwith's journey. It also includes how other people can join this professional field, bringing it closer to everyone, including those who are not well-connected or who begin from scratch.

Trinwith covers everything you might need. She talks about headshots and resumes, mainly covering the basics of presenting yourself well on paper so that casting directors and agents notice. In addition, she discusses the skills associated with acting and how to inhabit a character. This author promises to take her readers to top-notch projects and casting directors with clear, actionable advice. 

Trinwith covers the basics and goes beyond to address all the questions a reader might get on the path to fame and success, from the hard work that one needs to put into every detail to the more focused effort to reach and join auditions. Today, the author argues, it is much easier to get cast and fulfill your dreams, thanks to social media and cameras. More so, anyone from anywhere can participate in online auditions that will take them to their dream careers, but, of course, like all dream careers, it will require hard work.

Trinwith's book is a perfect read as an actual guide to becoming an actor or a model. It offers advice anyone can follow in the first stages of their journey and gives an insider a series of tips into a secretive industry.

You can find “Be a Real Model Actor” in Barnes & Noble and other book retailers. You can follow Christie Trinwith on Instagram at @christietrinwith7.

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