Blogger Siddhesh Jain shares his success journey


Today, we are interviewing Siddhesh Jain. He is the founder and owner of Solutiontales. He is a graduate in Accounting & Finance and an LLB. Let's hear his success story 

1. For those, who do not know you, Please tell us something about yourself?

I am a continuous learner. In fact, it is my appetite for learning only, which made me acquire different qualifications as well. I have also completed my CFP course.

And I think that I am pretty fortunate to have been able to keep my child alive all these years. This child has that innate inquisitiveness, which always pushes me to explore new things.

This child keeps me innocent and makes me think about others empathetically. This encourages me to share my learning with those who need it.

Through Solutiontales, I am trying to provide an all-in-solution to those who wish to utilize their free time to make extra cash, but do not get the right opportunities. They can do it through various digital platforms.

2. How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey.

The most challenging period in my life came after the completion of my graduation. By this time, I was able to feel the pain of thousands of people who were searching for jobs but were not able to get them due to some or the other reason. I myself was struggling to find a job that could match up with my qualifications.

It was a really tough time. I was frustrated, dejected, and lost…! I was finding life meaningless! as I had lost my self-belief.… I started considering myself good for nothing! Whoosh…!

But there was something else also going on inside me. Seeing people suffering in their lives, I couldn't have concern merely for myself.

That is when I thought of pursuing a career where I could not only develop myself but also help others, facing the hardships in their lives. And there I had something meaningful to do. That started changing my attitude. I was more determined now.

As it is rightly said that “Fortune Favors the Brave”, it favored me as well!

Declaration of Demonetization on the 8th of November 2016 came as a life-changing moment for me. A sudden shift from offline to the digital platform flooded me with a bag full of opportunities. I started pursuing blogging and created ‘Solutiontales'.

3. Please tell us more about your blog

Solutiontales is a blogzine. It is developed with an intention to share my experiences with the readers. While I was struggling, I was always searching for someone who can guide me in my journey. I was seeking for authentic information. I was desperate, but there was not much help. In fact, there is a lot of fake material on various websites that are rather misguiding.

So, through my first-hand experience, I genuinely felt the need to provide such information to anyone and everyone who is searching for it.

Solutiontales is open for everyone with articles on a range of topics like start-ups, lifestyle, case-studies, etc. I have shared my experiences also in the blog.

Many bloggers who wish to make money through blogging do not have patience, and they quit rather early. I have provided many tips on Work from Home to earn genuinely through many online methods. And I have emphasized that you do not need to be an expert or to have any special skills-set for that. I learned them the hard way in my journey, and through my blogzine, I wish to make it easier for many others on a similar path.

4. What keeps you going when things get tough?

See, when you are going through the difficult times in your life, you do not realize that existence is providing you with an opportunity to learn about life. You wish that those hardships do not last for long. Fortunately, I never prayed for those problems to evaporate… I always asked for the strength… strength to face those situations.

During these hard times, you go inward for help, and that is the time when you realize that you are actually not alone. There is someone who is always with you, and if you listen to that inner voice, you get all the answers. There is someone with whom you can share everything.

Then you start loving yourself for the first time. And you realize that it is only when you love yourself you can love others. And you also realize that you are much more powerful than you think.

I used to do a lot of self-talk about my strengths, my dreams, and my visions. Morning affirmations were very helpful.

It was like… I was not only working to build my career, but I was also actually learning the subtle mysteries of life in the process.

I was an avid book reader, as well. I read a lot of good books during those times.

I would always try to be in the company of individuals with a positive attitude. I had realized how important it is to be positive & happy and how damaging it is to be negative, complaining, and gloomy. I was experiencing the power of spoken words!

I had a very clear vision of being a blogger… very-very strong vision. And I always kept reminding myself about my vision. I would imagine myself to be a blogger… and all those visions like… writing a blog, people reading it, getting feed-backs, readers finding solutions through my blogs, etc., etc. It all helps, it really does!

5. Any message for our readers?

The first and foremost is “Love yourself.” Self-love is a panacea, it cures many ailments. You start trusting yourself more than ever before. It gives you confidence and self-belief. Then you do not work for petty materialistic gains, but you work out of your passion. You share the overflowing love without any expectation of getting anything in return.

My message to the readers is to connect with their inner-self.

Read inspirational books, be with people who motivate you, and at the same time, tell you about your drawbacks and support you in improving you as a human being.

Lastly, do not search for short-cuts. Short cuts give short term success. For sustainable success, use the currency of hard work only… taken out from the wallet of smart work.

6. Any books you would recommend to our readers?

As I told you earlier, I am an avid reader. I love reading a lot. I recommend people to read,

48 Laws of Powerby Robert Green. The book is a guide to achieving grand success in your lives. The book illustrates 48 laws of power. Going through the book, you would be compelled to have a complete review of your thinking, behavior, and actions.

Another book is, ‘You can heal your life,' by Louise L. Hay. This is a self-help book. It talks about the mind-body connection and how most of the body ailments have their roots in mind. A positive change in mental attitude and affirmations can cure many diseases.

And the third one is ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,' by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It is based on Kiyosaki's personal experience during his young days. The book emphasizes the need to have financial literacy as the topmost priority to live a fulfilling life.

7. Finally, what are your future plans and dreams as far as Solutiontales is concerned?

I have a very strong vision for this blog. I really intend to make it big and famous. It should be a blog where people can get all kinds of solutions. Be it Technology, Startups, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Relationship, Travel, Digital Marketing, Work from Home guides, the blog should cater to the needs of a large spectrum of people.

A well-informed person has a fair chance of making the right choices. And the foremost objective of Solutiontales is to provide that right information to people and help them to realize their dreams. They may be of earning some extra cash in their free time or creating a big fortune for themselves and their dear ones or helping others through their experiences.


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