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Madeira Beach Recreation Director Fired

Following a well-fought election, Madeira Beach is trying to right so many wrongs. In doing so, there have been several staff changes in the city. The latest staff to get fired is the city's recreation director.

Doug Andrews came into office at the start of 2014. His position saw him manage the city's recreation facilities. Despite the fact the city's manager praised him, he received his letter of termination from Acting City's Manager Derryl O'Neal.

When asked by reporters for the reasons behind the sack, O'Neal said that he had lost faith in Andrew's ability to provide the much-needed organization support the department requires.

In a matter of days, Andrews filed a human resources complaint against O'Neal. In the complaint, Andrew accused the Acting City Manager of intimidation as well as creating a hostile working space.

Following the filing of the complaint, the city's human resource manager Karen Pearson told O'Neal that because of Andrew's position, he has no legal right to appeal his firing internally. “The only thing he can do is to file a lawsuit,” said Person.

Andrews insists he only wants his job back. He says he was fired without any prior warning, severance payment or health insurance.

In Andrew's defense, new city staffs who were fired, received severance packages.

Arizona Restaurants Get Favorable Court Rule In Minimum Wage Case

Restaurant workers who earn tips are not in line to earn the federal minimum wage rate when they regularly do work that has no direct impact on customer service.

Arizona labor Attorney David Selden was able to convince the 9th U.S Circuit Court Of Appeals that monitoring time spent serving a customer and that preparing for a customer's visit is detrimental to employers and defeats the purpose of why customers tip.

“Take, for example, a customer comes to your restaurant and sees everywhere is untidy, with no silverware on the table. Do you think at the end of the day he will give out the highest tip? No,” Selden said.

Arizona pays servers $7 in addition to tips.

The court ruled that employers have to make up the balance in employees' tips along with minimum wage for those who don't meet up with the usual $7.25 per hour. 

The officials of Gary School challenge the findings during state review

Two members of the Gary school board are tenaciously in support of the $30,000 bonus awarded to Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt

During the meeting held at Wirt-Emerson Center for Visual and Performing Arts on Wednesday, the president of the Rosie Washington presented documents that confirmed the board's approval of the bonus awarded to Pruitt in March 2018.

This bonus got flagged by the State Board of Accounts in a special review that was released last month and requested that Pruitt repay the $30,000. The office of the attorney general in the state as well as the Lake County prosecutor, received copies of the audit.

Pruitt and Peggy, Hinckley, the emergency manager were both absent from the meeting that took place on Wednesday. Pruitt resigned on Dec 1 but will be finally leaving on Feb 2.

Washington referred to language in Pruitt's 2012 contract, which indicated that Pruitt would receive a one-time bonus depending on the achievement of the objectives. The board then passed a vote after three years of lethargy to award $10,000 to Pruitt consecutively for three years, according to her.

Washington indicated that the bonus became finalized under the guidance of Dan Friel, the labor attorney, and the authorization of Jack Martin, the former fiscal manager.

Washington indicated that documents and videotapes of the meeting were available, which she believed would offer a final solution.

On Thursday, a representative from the State Board of Accounts indicated that the outcome for the audit hasn't changed.

The deputy state examiner, Tommy White, stated that the audit still stands. She indicated that her department collaborates with the office of the attorney general and is in pursuit of reimbursement.

A few months back, White indicated that Pruitt's 2012 contract cited a development bonus and plan, but the contract does not outline any plan as well as any other dollar.

On Nov 30, White indicated that if a plan existed, it should outline the conditions of what must be done, and she is really not aware of what the expectations were.

Robert Buggs, a member of the board, indicated that the information provided is being neglected by the state. He labeled the discovery of the board “false” by stating that they omitted the information provided to the auditors. He continued that part of the $30,000 offered to Pruitt was used to sponsor a few kids to college.


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