5ofclubs makes melodic gems and EDM bangers. Check out his latest EP Iam5ofClubs!


5ofclubs is a new Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and electronic pop artist who is making waves in the music world. He has recently released his Extended Play (EP) I Am 5ofclubs. It is a 5 track EP. This EP is followed by the release of his latest song from the track, ”Right Direction” feat. Josh Dreon.

The artist has plans to release a lot of music this year. He mentioned that he is working on more hip hop stuff, some disco, and tons of dance music. He just creates what he is feeling at that moment. The songs on the EP are a collection of diverse styles but fit together as a harmonious creation. Songs on the EP are based upon his personal experiences. 

These include 

Here is the link to the EP:

‘Truth’ has rhythmic instrumentals and expressive vocals. I really liked the melody.

‘Wrld Trvlrs’ delivers a brisk pace into the mix. The track oozes vacation vibes.

‘Bang’ unquestionably is too good with ample bass.

‘Take Me Away’ closes the EP with an exciting mixture of notes and diversifying pace.

The EP begins with bold lyrics and infectious rhythms packed with vigor. 

His musical adventure began with his eagerness to learn how to produce music. And this has since become his passion.

He frequently shares inspiring quotes on Instagram and encourages people to live a better life.

I Am 5ofclubs is now available on all major platforms. You can stay up to date with the artist and his upcoming releases by following him on Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out his website.  

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