Stefan Kristinkov’s amazing new release Clarinet Vibe is a testament to his exceptional artistic ability.


Clarinet Vibe is the second solo project from Stefan Kristinkov. It plays with the idea of limiting the timbral diversity, creating maximum emotional impact and a distinct, beautiful aesthetic.

The EP features the clarinet front and center and is accompanied by a beautiful combination of vibraphone, bass guitar, and a drum set to provide a unique jazz fusion style.

Stefan Kristinkov has made a name for himself as a clarinet player and creator of soundtracks for independent films, which has received numerous awards and nominations. His music stands out, thanks to the inventiveness and novelty the artist brings to each track. He bridges and melds genres to explore new ideas and solutions that bring a creative element. Clarinet Vibe offers a curious new twist that has distinguished the artist’s music since his beginnings. The desire to always innovate and keep alive that spark of curiosity drives him to create new and better each time.

Stefan Kristinkov, also known as Stefan K, has been working as an eclectic composer and musician for many years and has drawn from various genres and influences. In addition to his passion for creating music, the artist has been collecting, recording, and distributing ethnic instrumental libraries, which has also brought special notes and sounds into his music. The artist draws from ethnomusicology, classical music, jazz, postmodernism, minimalism, and more to create deep melodies with a lot of meaning and care put into them. The sound of Clarinet Vibe perfectly illustrates his desire to construct his music meticulously and make it fluid, stylistically diverse, expressive, and dynamic. The music showcases his advanced skills, bringing something memorable and unique with a lot of ambition and a clearly defined intention.

Clarinet Vibe is sure to thrill listeners looking for indie releases with a powerful impact and a lot of care placed into each part of the song, its architectural design, an exquisite blend of genres, and the influence and use of different instruments and styles. All of this can be found in this release, offering a memorable release that makes us excited to see what Stefan K will be bringing in the future. He is sure to provide many new instrumental compositions with intricate construction, a variety of instruments, and strong influences from across the world that make each release unique.

You can find more about Kristinkov on his website or social media. Stream Clarinet Vibe on Spotify and other music platforms.

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