Feel empowered by listening to Broken Angel, you too can overcome life’s battles, says Amira Lombard


Today, we are interviewing Amira Lombard, a pop singer and songwriter from Richmond, Virginia.


Please tell us about yourself.

Daughter of a musician, my musical ambitions began with the first listen to my dad playing The Beatles in our Cincinnati Home. From taking part in choirs and triple threat camps throughout my childhood, it was not until I was on my own that I began to open the bedroom door and perform in front of people as a solo artist.


Please tell us more about your journey.

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, until 2007. Borrowing my father's guitar, I began learning how to play and perform. Seeing how oversized it was, I acquired my first guitar through part-time jobs in 2008 and became what I call a bedroom performer. In late 2010 my home life began to crumble, and I tried to escape the toxic environment through unhealthy habits. These habits continued well through leaving home and attending Virginia Tech for a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I continued my singing pursuits by joining the Women's Choir at Virginia Tech. I knew that the only way to escape my toxic past was to become self-sufficient and earn a degree. In doing so, my music started to dissipate.  

In 2014 I was notified by the school that I did not qualify for additional government student loans and must either pay up or find an additional source of funding to continue my education. My 6th semester began with constant e-mails and calls for collections on tuition, causing me to sell any belongings I could, including guitars, musical equipment, and anything deemed valuable. I graduated after my 6th semester in 2014 with my degree, working roughly 40 hours with 3 various part-time jobs, and taking 21 credit hours.

A few years after graduation, I was able to start paying off debts. I moved in with my boyfriend, (now husband) Kenny Lombard, and rediscovered my love for music after singing at a karaoke bar with a few friends. With encouragement, I entered a vocal competition at that bar, introducing me to fellow finalist Austin Riley. Austin and I began to perform as a duo act together. In 2017 I joined the band IMT, a local rock and blues cover band as the lead vocalist. With both acts encouraging me to pick up the guitar again, I purchased a new guitar, and the rest fell into place as a solo artist. I've now performed in front of thousands of people, at The Diamond, for the Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball opening weekend, sang between the scenes on Jimmy Kimmel Live (unaired), and various stages across the U.S.


Who are your role models?

Demi Lovato has been a large inspiration to my musical expression of my story. Her passion for self-love, acceptance of my own flaws, and her strength of continuing to get up after ‘falls' motivate me when I am faced with challenges. 


What inspires you?

My faith inspires me in everything. Not just my faith religiously, but in humanity. That each of us has an impact on this planet, and that it is our duty to change it for the better. We all are trying to do our best in life, but have different experiences, privileges, and challenges. My past inspires me to not allow history to repeat itself.  


Please tell us about your EP “Broken Angel”.

My debut record, “Broken Angel” is a necessary beginning for my story. I turned to songwriting as an outlet once my struggles with mental health were triggered after experiences with the Great Recession and feelings of abandonment and bullying. 


Any message for our readers.

I hope that readers that wind up listen to the EP find Broken Angel empowering. That they too can overcome life's hardships and the battles they face. The music should help motivate and encourage them to join me in the fight for a better tomorrow.


How can people connect with you?

You can connect via website, Facebook, Instagram and check out my profile links at Linktree.

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