Head Fake’s exclusive album ‘HeadFake vs. Dub Fu Masters’ is soaked into the essence of 80’s music.


Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters‘ is a new offering by the Head Fake trio, a band that is shrouded in an alluring veil of mystery and 80s nostalgia. Let's check out this release and see what the band has to offer. 

Head Fake works from New Jersey, Los Angeles, and London, creating cross-continental and cross-cultural music that draws a lot from both sides of the pond. On their Instagram page, @headfakemusic, the band describes their music as “neo-80's music.” 

The music Head Fake presents also has a bit of mystery to it. With synths that bring the listeners back to the 80's and a modern club vibe, it feels like a fresh sound that feels both current, especially with some of the topics the artists touch on, and classic. The beat is meant to recreate the experience of dancing in a club with other people, which today is still not all that easy, and offers three fun tracks for listeners to enjoy and soak in that club vibe the artists were going for.

The three tracks have a distinct sound each. One Step is a remix of the first song the band ever released and, as such, has a nostalgic, reflective vibe without losing the upbeat rhythm. One Step also has a hypnotic music video with wild colors and a minimalist aesthetic that provides a perfect visual counterpart to the song.

Trump Funk is a tiny bit more political, but not enough to take the fun out of a great club song with a catchy message. Overjoyed provides complex but happy lyrics and a more serious tune. However, all three have a hypnotic club atmosphere that keeps the body moving. 

The 80's influences are clearly present in the music. However, this doesn't mean it's unoriginal – it is like listening to a new tune from the era with a more modern beat and sound. The vocals and the instruments used create a very particular nostalgic vibe that can bring new listeners and old fans together to enjoy a blend of two very distinct flavors. 

Today, the 80's are in vogue – they are in shows and movies and music too. But ‘Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters‘ doesn't feel exploitative or tired. Instead, it reframes this decade from a modern lens in quite a unique way.

You can check out the album on Spotify. 

The album stands out thanks to its 80's vibes combined with New Wave club vibes that create a fun and upbeat experience with just the right amount of nostalgia to hook even those who don't listen to club music.

You can visit their website for updates on new releases.

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