I’m Well by AngelCreatives is a powerful wellness anthem infused with motivation and full of harmony


I’m Well is a compelling song for health and wellness coming from Angelcreatives, a Boston project reaching out to all those who hope to maintain their sanity during times of sickness and who want to be well now more than ever. With a song full of inspiration and joy,
Angelcreatives is breaking into the music scene.

Since their debut in 2020, in July of a year characterized by anxiety and worry, the band released Hello Anthem, a song full of hope inspired by Adele’s international and award-winning Hello. This same month, Angelcreatives also debuted their wellness song I’m Well, inspiring people in a difficult time.

The pandemic has been a period of uncertainty and fear, as many began feeling especially concerned with how they felt and their health more than ever before. And I’m Well is a hopeful, positive response to those anxieties, an anthem that reminds listeners to get inspired and motivated and start moving forward to take their health into their own hands. Wellness is so much more than just health, and this too, is reflected in the song.

Angelcreatives made their debut on MTV, and their song has been part of the Crowd’s Picks that have kept them running. The collective clearly is passionate about their message and their desire to change the world positively. Their music is inspired by some of the greats. In addition to Adele’s Hello, as mentioned above, they also drew inspiration from Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, another anthem that has impacted millions and perhaps harnessed the power of music for good.

I’m Well is sweet, positive, and full of harmony and peace. It has just the right beat and tone to engage listeners and get them feeling positive and hopeful. It centers around a message delivered with a lot of passion and conviction, which, of course, makes it all so much more persuasive. The track is the perfect song to add to your playlist and get that boost of positive energy whenever you need it.

You can stream I’m Well, in addition to the Hello Anthem, on Spotify and all the major music platforms. Follow the Angelcreatives online to make sure you don’t miss any of their new releases.

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