La Sinclair’s latest hit ‘Acapulco Gold’ – A tender and expressive melody


Ana Carla Sinclair, popularly known as La Sinclair has recently released her latest hit, “Acapulco Gold.” The song follows her last two famous singles, “Won't Let Go” and “OK OK OK.”

The mellifluous song is sung by La Sinclair, and Its lyrics are written by her and Brian Politzer. It has been produced by Juan Saenz Coronel.


It is a stimulating number that oozes rhythmic intensity. This fascinating musical composition brings out a sense of adventure. The song is sprinkled with crisp and intense lines, “I am Acapulco Gold.” This piece is a tender expression and an excellent composition. This phenomenal piece has intense and rhythmic music that is quite contemporary.

The freshness of sound, the balance of tone, and phrasing makes you fall in love with the song.

La Sinclair's American father moved to Acapulco in 1969. She has spent her childhood growing up in sunny Acapulco. By the time La Sinclair was born, her dad had a thriving restaurant business in Acapulco. Every night, the who's who of American and European celebrities used to visit the place. The song is influenced by her father using Acapulco gold in 1969. She nostalgically mentions the same in the song:

My daddy used to use back in 1969 
Working with his brother to enjoy the time  
Little did they know that it was medicine 
Little did he know that it would heal his pain.


It's impressive to know her in-depth knowledge about the subject since she mentions Sativa and terpenes in the song. This tender and colorful song takes the listeners back to that time of '60s. It also throws light on the medicinal effects of marijuana. Her song is evocative of life in Acapulco during the '60s.


The singer has announced on her Youtube channel that the Spanish version of this song will be released on 27th April.


“Acapulco Gold” is accessible on Spotify and all other major platforms. To stay updated on new releases and latest info, Follow La Sinclair on Facebook 

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