NuKarma brings the experiences of tropical beats and positive vibes through his new release, Lay-Up!


Lay-Up is a new release from Chicago artist NuKarma. With a lot of pleasant tropical ambiance, the song is sure to add positivity to any listener’s day. This track is part of the upcoming project KarmaWomack, a musical offering that combines good vibes, artistic authenticity, and tropical beats.

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Known for bringing versatile styles and flows to the table, NuKarma strives to make his listeners feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere his tracks create. Lay-Up encapsulates the perfect summer mood that you can enjoy at any point during the year. A great song to start the day off right with a smooth bounce and relaxed beats.


NuKarma does a good job of using the song as a vehicle for his truth, vision, and perception of the world. The music is deeply authentic and powerful even if it does not engage with raw emotions but instead is more interested in allowing the listener to have a good time. Smooth, swaying, and soft, Lay-Up is a great preview of things to come, particularly the upcoming KarmaWomack project that is already nearing its release date and is sure to add a lot more positive vibes. It is likely to please fans of feel-good music that still has meaning and truth to offer.

Follow NuKarma on Instagram @nu__karma to see what he’s up to, and make sure you stay tuned for his KarmaWomack release that promises interesting and engaging tracks.

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