Leol’s sexy track ‘Savages’ draws the listeners in with a magnetic lure.


Savages is the latest track coming from Leol, an artist making waves in the music scene, thanks to his fierce and seductive songs. The track is a wild ride with many sexy aspects, thrilling and dangerous, breaking social taboos on many different levels.

Savages draws inspiration from a visit to a Los Angeles Gentlemen’s Club and the resulting ideas of seduction, hedonism, and sensuality. It considers the idea of a wild and sexy alter ego that can release all inhibitions.

This track offers singing and rapping over a slow, smooth beat. The melody leaves the impression of sultriness and sensuality, a raw power hidden just beyond reach. A seductive rhythm makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for something sexy, fun, and stylish.

Leol is an artist from Chicago, Illinois. His music explores themes of love, infatuation, and sex appeal, focusing on enticing the listeners with different beats and fun lyrics. His songs are seductive, through both lyrics and melodies, teasing the listeners in a fun way.

Savages is a follow-up to a previous hit single, Type, which received critical acclaim and a growing number of streams across different platforms.

Leol is a rising artist who is constantly working to improve himself. In addition to his music, he does finance deals and often strives to build strong connections within the music industry. His commitment to self-improvement shows in each song he releases and the new ways of finding inspiration he has. An interesting quirk is the influence of the seasons on the themes of his work and style; in particular, how much Leol loves the vibrant colors of the fall just before snow starts falling.

Savages is available on all major platforms. Connect with the artist on social media and never miss a new song, as many exciting projects are sure to come in the future! Follow Leol on Spotify and check out all the tracks he has released so far that blend rapping and singing in novel ways.

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