Misfit released music video to his popular single, ‘Double Down’! Its awesome,check it out!


Misfit has released the music video to his hit single, “Double Down.” 

Misfit connects to global audiences through the video. He has started his music career with a bang! The track touches the core of your heart, it is a delight for the audience. The music video is proof that he’s here for the long game.

The music video has a cheerful tone and heavy bass sound. It shows the narrative of moving on from one tale of achievements to the next. The song accentuates his will to pursue his dreams.

The tender yet forthright nature of the track ‘Double Down’ speaks volumes about the quality of the music, elegant components, and the skill of the musician. The moment you start listening to it, it binds the listener. It grasps your attention from the outset, and the performance is very gripping till the end. The track is an absolute joy for the audiences. I especially liked the rap verses flow.

The intensity of the music can attract anyone into listening to the song. There are so many elements in the track that can keep you spellbound. The rap in the track is what the listeners crave. The artist deserves all the praise that he is getting!

“Double Down” is now available on YouTube. You can Follow Misfit on Instagram to stay up to date with his upcoming releases.

I really enjoyed listening to it. What about you?

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