R&B and Pop Singer Jace Heyman has hit the right notes with his single Drunk Text


Am I on a roll here? I just found another nice song that I could relate to. I must give a disclaimer that I am in a happy relationship. Since this song is for those who might be going through a breakup and it may provide some comfort to them.

I am talking about the song Drunk Text by Artist Jace Heyman. The song is about the feeling of yearning for someone you were once close to. And having a desire to talk to them again. He recognizes that it was a bad idea after he had sent over the text. A lot of people go through a breakup, and it is not easy to go through it. Songs seem like great support during such a time. Likewise, the singer is seeking a way to deal with a breakup. Although the song might not be a solution, it renders some solace to all those people who would be going through a similar situation.

Drunk Text” is a fusion of the soft Caribbean and R&B/Pop, London vibe. The music and narrative fuse together into a cohesion that anyone can vibe to. It is believed that the singer Jace, alongside Dean Risko had written the song when he was going through a terrible breakup.

The narrative follows him at a club where he is trying to let off some steam. He tries looking for some girl to divert him from his ex. He has no luck discovering anyone that would grasp his attention, so he ends up sending the unavoidable drunk text.

About Jace Heyman:
Jace Heyman, is also popularly known as Joshua James Heyman, is an R&B and pop singer from Hertfordshire, England. His passion for music began at a young age and increased the more he listened to and studied various artists that invigorated him. He became a well-known performer and dancer in secondary school, and his enthusiasm and desire towards music grew into a perfect career choice. This single is part of his upcoming Extended Play (EP) Lovin' Under The Influence (LUI), coming this summer.

The song, “Drunk Text,” is accessible on all major platforms. You can follow Jace Heyman on Instagram for more info and future releases.

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