Rising Rapper Santa Sallet entertains his fans with stupendous vibes of contemporary rap in the track ‘Just Another Tuesday’


Just Another Tuesday is the newest single from rapper and songwriter Santa Sallet, who provides a unique track along with a fun and fresh music video. Just Another Tuesday is part of the upcoming mixtape Plutography. 

Just Another Tuesday was written as a free exercise based on the beat by producer Nemizzo, a long-time collaborator of the artist. After receiving the beat, the lyrics just started flowing, and the song was born with a perfect match between the two. Nemizzo and Santa feature on the music video together as well, and Nemizzo is the co-producer of the track and in charge of the mix.

For Santa Sallet, the creative process for the track and the video epitomized the ideal rapper life. Being with your friends, spending hard-earned cash, and enjoying life, that’s the lifestyle he chooses and practices every day. Hence, the song name, as while many struggle to take it easy and enjoy themselves, for Santa Sallet, it’s just another Tuesday out of many. The inspirational focus on success, financial and creative, distinguishes this rapper’s music and provides him with a unique identity, something sorely needed on the hip-hop scene that is becoming constantly saturated by aspiring artists, many of whom focus on copying existing successful models. With a unique and varied outlook and music that draws inspiration from the classics, Santa Sallet has an offering that is likely to please many fans of hip-hop and rap who are looking for new names to add to their playlists and to enjoy.

This is showcased in the video, featuring an expensive BMW and the experience of a night-time city that welcomes the artist. The video, just like the track, is fun, engaging, and playful, showcasing Santa Sallet’s confidence and artistic presence that allows the viewer to be drawn in. With classy visuals and a catchy beat, the song has a lasting presence in the listener’s mind. Just Another Tuesday showcases a dream life for many and a reality for the rapper.


Santa Sallet is a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur who is based in Washington, DC. His style draws inspiration from the golden era of hip-hop and the many trips and experiences the artist has had to create something versatile, fun, and full to the brim with confidence. The artist has released albums previously, focusing on his romantic experiences and, a distinct topic, his relationship with money and wealth, his ups and downs, and the entrepreneurial spirit that he has always shown. The artist describes himself as a beatmaker, a music maker, and a moneymaker, three facets of his identity that all contribute to his artistic career and his ability to reach audiences. With a growing number of views and streams, Santa Sallet is rising with the support of MSP (Mugisha-Sallet Productions) Records.

You can find Just Another Tuesday on SoundCloud, Spotify, and all the major music platforms. You can discover more about the artist through his website.

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