What is Earth without art…Check out Nick Davies’s latest single!


Singer and songwriter, Nick Davies, recently released his newest single, “Earth Without Art.”  Earth Without Art' is an excellent track hinting at the current threat to humanity due to coronavirus. 

Nick Davies is a talented singer who is inspiring our artists and musicians during this time of Coronavirus pandemic, threatening humans. He has crafted a beautiful pop song ‘Earth Without Art.' He has emphasized that art and music can play an essential role in fighting the situation that is there in the world right now. He perceives that the world will be a bleak place without art. He mentioned in the song that he can take anything, but not his trade's demise. For some people, art is their true purpose of living. 

Check out the single:

Really liked the verse:

To take away the arts would be to take away our purpose, For some of us, its why we are still alive!

And he says that Artists have an obligation towards the earth. Because What is Earth without art!

The lyrics are composed beautifully, and they have a deep meaning. It is an inspirational song for musicians that tells them not to give up. It is a brilliant song with an abundance of positive vibes. 

There is a passionate hook with an optimistic rhythm. He urges people from the musical and artistic fraternity to get back to business and encourages them to bide their time and weather the storm. 

Earth Without Art' is now present on all major platforms. Follow Nick Davies on Facebook for more info and future releases.

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