It’s Time For A (New) Neuro-Approach..Meet the Moncure’s


In today’s changing workforce, creating a workplace that is more diverse and inclusive is not only the right thing to do, it is the smartest decision businesses can make. Leaders are recognizing that the more inclusive, transparent and trustworthy their culture, the more likely they are to attract and retain high-performing employees who can facilitate growth as their bottom line. When it comes to constructing Diversity & Inclusion, countless organizations worldwide make substantial investments (time, money & resources) to “train” their employees, but many seem to struggle with implementation, effectiveness & ROI.


The Neuro-Inclusion Group is an innovative new consultancy that specializes in coaching individuals and consulting with companies to launch or upgrade their diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Neuro-Inclusion Group believe that it starts with understanding the business case for building a workplace that embraces diversity and knowing what it takes to shift from a compliance – driven diversity program to a culture of inclusion that creates a competitive advantage by inviting all employees into the conversation.



It was founded by husband and wife team Armers Moncure and Kyle Young- Moncure.

This husband and wife team are blazing a trail in diversity, inclusion and belonging” Each has many accomplishments in the area of diversity.

Armers is an experienced and brilliant speaker and management consultant who delivers 100+ talks and skill building workshops per year. He has a background in business development, training and HR staffing. He is a Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Strategist, and an expert in Unconscious Bias.

Over the past eight years, his engagements have included such notables as Conde’ Nast, Sirius XM, Nintendo Boeing, Visa, Bank of America, NASA, the CIA, Nestle, and Charles Schwab, to name a few.

To date he’s spoken in 41 of the 50 states, 11 countries and on 3 continents; delivering his message to over 100,000 people, while working with Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, in Health care and Academia. A partial client list includes: Vogue, GQ, Mercy, Vanity Fair, Wired, Goat, and University of North Texas. He is author of “Speak and Grow Your Brand,” the ultimate guide to growing your income through professional speaking, which is to be released in Q1 of 2020.


Kyle is a Certified Professional in D&I, CQ & EQ; Founder of The Free Your Mind Forum and creator of the International Podcast, Sawubona, “I See Color Radio,”

Kyle’s decades of experience and creativity have been channeled into helping individuals and organizations create healthy work environments. She helps organizations gain the insight needed to create healthy, productive and inclusive environments. Her work is based on principles “Un-Learning” stereotypes & biases and replacing them with healthier paradigms.

She is noted for her ability to make difficult subject matters heart focused, entertaining and digestible.

In sharing her inspiring message, Kyle has spear headed such engagements as:
The Dallas Women’s Conference, The National Diversity Conference, The DANDI’s (Diversity & Inclusion Awards), The American Council of EngineeringCompanies, Raba Kistner and The National Millennial Foundation.

In addition to all this, she is a former member of the Arts and Culture Board of Directors for the City of Irving, and an Advisory Board member for the Texas National Diversity Council.

Known for her bright, free spiritedness, Kyle not only presents sessions that interest and entertain audiences but offers trailblazing ideas and new strategies in navigating and thriving in an era of cultural collision, unparalleled growth and inevitable change.


Both speakers present an innovative approach to training, consulting and coaching in the areas of diversity, inclusion, culture, race relations, and bias.

Each has a gift for connecting quickly with audiences and presenting tough subjects in ways that are easy for anyone to understand. Their warm and relaxed manner makes such an impact, that it allows the audience to really see what is going on inside themselves. Their powerful storytelling abilities allow them to cut across generations, cultures and values.

Their keen insight into racial issues give them the ability to detox the hearts and minds of those who are listening. With their help, individuals and organizations can navigate through diversity emergencies, dissect racial incidents, unravel negative stereotypes and re-evaluate the behaviors that are holding them back.

With all of their combined qualifications and achievements, Kyle and Armers are uniquely positioned to help audiences, professionals and clients move towards a more inclusive and culturally aware state of mind that exponentially impacts their organizations.


The Neuro-Inclusion Methodology

Neuroplasticity is a core element of The Neuro-Inclusion Methodology. Through extensive studies in human behavior when encountering “difference,” they’ve co-created a fresh approach to D&I Implementation & Education.

Together they have uncovered innovative methods that focus on critical elements of adult learning and expand on principles of transformative theory, thereby initiating an experiential learning experience. Armers and Kyle have taken up the task of helping organizations subdue the “elephant in the room” that causes colleagues to feel left out, different, or less than.

The benefits of having staff and colleagues who are comfortable in the work environment are limitless. The sense or feeling of inclusion and equity enables colleagues as well as leadership to work together through seemingly difficult situations, thereby increasing engagement, productivity & profitability.”

They are available for keynotes, trainings, workshops and presentations, coaching, consulting and anything else you might need in the area of diversity.

To contact The Neuro- Inclusion Group visit or call 214.210.9970

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