Jaan Hantson

Upcoming Artist Jaan Hantson from Belgium enthralls everyone with his brilliant songs

Today, we are interviewing Jaan Hantson, a 19-year-old Belgian producer/singer-songwriter. 
With influences like Frank Ocean, James Blake, Daniel Caesar, Billie Eilish, and even classical composers, Jaan tries to create his own style.   Please tell us something about yourself.  I just finished my first year of studying ‘creative music production’ at ICMP in London. I have been making my…


A treat for movie fans: Action Thriller ‘It’s About Choices’ by Director & Producer Nehesh Poll

Nehesh Poll is known for being the producer’s director. Taking on many roles, from being a Director, writer, composer, Music director, Editor, Mix, and mastering engineer to an actor Nehesh Poll does it all, making these skills an invaluable asset to any project. He is known for his English action-thriller feature film ‘It’s About Choices,’…


EDM is the art of the soul…Shadeswiper, Canadian electronic dance music producer shares her journey

Today, we are interviewing Amar Alexandra, also known professionally as Shadeswiper. She is a Canadian electronic dance music producer and classically trained pianist. Shadeswiper mainly produces big room / progressive house music denoting elements heavily influenced by her classical training background as well as cinematic emphasis from various video games.    Please tell us something…