Paving the Path Forward with Digital Marketing: Tackling the Global Pandemic

The worldwide pandemic has triggered a special type of heartbreak for business owners seeking to begin brand-new companies. Along with taking care of the many health and social problems caused by the COVID-19, they have faced the abrupt crash of a near-perfect set of conditions for startups: a robust economy, eager capitalists, and unprecedented levels of venture funding.

The National Venture Capital Association cautions that even though the financial investment sector got in 2020 with a record $120 billion in capital offered for startups, it will not be nearly enough to balance out the negative effect of the monetary crisis as VCs redirect their financial investments far from high-risk, illiquid upstarts.


You can overcome this, however, by applying effective digital marketing strategies, says Terence Lim, the owner of JinMatic, a Malaysia online marketing agency. Many of the world's most ingenious and notable companies were born during downturns.

Cash will be tough to come by over the next couple of quarters, but that doesn't indicate it's necessarily a hard time to begin a company. Numerous things bode well for startups today, with everybody working from another location, large amounts of talented individuals looking for work, and less competition. More significantly, it is time to check out digital marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Terence Lim, SEO Strategist and the founder of JinMatic is assured that SEO can help organizations throughout this global pandemic. However, SEO isn't a one-time investment; it's an ongoing process of enhancing web content based upon the updates in Google algorithms.

Google improves its search function by organizing the world's information and making it universally available. In the last five years considering its explosive growth, SEO has undergone many modifications. A few of the game-changing updates Google has rolled out in the past years are RankBrain, Hummingbird, and the Precise Match Domain update. These algorithms make the online search engine smarter than ever. Although these updates make life easier for end-users, JinMatic SEO agency is forced to remain on their toes to rapidly integrate these new methods into their digital marketing technique.

In June 2019, practically 55% of all Google searches yielded zero clicks. This indicates that a lot of users discovered the responses they needed on the outcomes page, so they didn't have to check out various sites. Google takes snippets from ranked pages that offer the most satisfying answer to the query.


Using Rich Snippets and FAQ Schema as SEO Tactic

For web users, the frequency of zero-click searches indicates that Google is doing an excellent job of making the world's information beneficial. And due to the fact that customers have actually grown more restless over the years, the benefit of not needing to scroll through numerous web pages considerably enhances their browsing experience. But for organizations, this means that SEO strategy needs to be strengthened. In my experience, even if your website ranks high up on searches, there's no assurance that they'll visit your pages.

The very best method to optimize for zero-click searches is to win featured snippets. Accomplish this by implementing structured data on your site. It's a standardized format used to identify and organize the details in your web pages.

Terence mentioned that structured data does not directly enhance your search rankings. However, it does have SEO advantages. It makes your website more legible for online search engines, assisting the crawlers in breaking it down faster.


Take Tropicana Grandhill, a Genting Highlands property as an example, Terence helped them to place Frequently Asked Question Schema, and it made the search results more attractive. Tropicana Grandhill is a 112-acre freehold combined retreat master plan located on the cool hills of Genting Highlands, with immersive tranquillity of hills landscapes and forest nature that promote the breezy lifestyle of nature-infused modernity. The outcomes of FAQ Schema has assisted Tropicana Grandhill to improve their website visitors.

Occupying position zero also enhances your online presence, even if not all users click on your site. Keep in mind to include your company name in your meta tags, particularly in on-page blogs, to improve brand recall. Featured bits also drive the greatest variety of clicks, attracting about 50% of the traffic. Schema markup is the main tool in structured SEO. It utilizes 3 formats: 

  1. Microdata
  2. RDFa
  3. JSON-LD

Fortunately, you do not have to get confused because Google recommends utilizing JSON-LD for structured information. Its scripts are relatively much easier to add, update and eliminate compared to the other two.

This strategy absolutely does the job for Malaysia's small-medium business due to the fact that today's consumers demand easy-to-find, snackable and valuable content.



The above article is a guest post.


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