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As one of the most widespread content management system today on the market, WordPress is growing more popular every day. WordPress is part of more than 30% of top 1 million websites, which is huge. With millions of active users, it is really thriving. But as an open-source tool which is also free, it is also vulnerable to security threats.

Some of the reasons why WordPress sites are susceptible to hacking are:

If you want, you can check out 13 dangerous mistakes people make to get their website hacked. In fact, I myself was a victim to one of my websites getting hacked. I was fortunate to have my website recovered, but I learnt an important lesson when it happened. It is extremely important to have great website security measures. If you have experienced a hacked website, you know it a source of tension and sleepless nights. Not only do you lose control of your WordPress site, but you face a serious security threat.

It is important to use some plugin or software that can help your website to remain secure from any security threats. In this post, I would be talking about iThemes Security Pro.

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes security pro is a wordpress plugin that provides ultimate protection. It is a robust plugin developed for use by everyone. It has over 30 features to keep your site safe from hackers.

Features of iThemes security pro:

1. Brute force protection

When a suspicious user exceeds ‘a limited number of attempts to sign in to your WordPress website, the user gets locked out.

2. Password enhancement

A sure-fire way to lock down your WordPress site by setting which users need to have robust passwords.

3. Hide the default URL.

The URL of the login is hidden from suspicious elements. It also assists your clients to keep track of their login credentials.

4. Detect changes in the files.

If the attackers manage to get to your site, get alerted through email.

5. Backup database.

Scheduling and perform backups of your data to remote storage. You can then access them off the site.

6. 404 detection.

Malicious users and IPs get locked out when they exceed the login attempts.

7. Away mode.

If you are not going to access your site for more than 24 hours, make the dashboard inaccessible. This prevents all unscrupulous activity that may be targeting your site.

How can you benefit from iThemes security pro?

1. Streamlined security dashboard.

All relevant security logs are gathered and displayed on a streamlined dashboard. It reduces the time spent pouring over your sites security log.

2. Security grade report.

iThemes security pro report is generated on the website itself. It is a convenient way to review and perform the recommended fixes on the site. This improves the grade as well as the security of your website.

3. Security measures for unknown devices.

With the session hijacking protection, the WordPress site is secured from unknown devices. The Trusted Device feature also works in conjunction to generate an alert when unknown devices logs in.

4. User security check.

It keeps all the users in a single place where you can – who is logged in, last active, which users have two-step authentication and who does not. You can also make modifications to their role and delete inactive accounts.

5. Malware scanning.

It uses 10 point check to secure your site. It checks for malware, site errors, blacklist status, and obsolete software.

Daily scheduling of the scan is also possible. Users will be alerted for any malfunctioning through email.

6. Managing multiple sites.

Through the iThemes sync, managing more than one site is made easy. You can also perform Away Mode and Security Lockouts remotely. Through this feature, you can disable the WordPress admin dashboard and also have an overview of the IP addresses that has been locked out of the site. This is an excellent way to secure your site when you are on travels or do not access the site for a specific time.

How to use iThemes security pro?

To use the iThemes security pro, you need to:

What is the cost?

There are three packages iThemes security pro available at the moment. Please check the latest prices, as they might change

1. For bloggers.

It costs $80 per year. You can keep up to two sites protected. Features include:

Plugin updates for one year.

Ticketed support for one year.

2. For small businesses.

At $127 per year, secure up to ten websites. Features include:

Plugin updates for one year.

Ticketed support for one year.

3. Gold package

$199 for a year, secure and protect unlimited websites. Features include:


Whether or not you have experienced hacking, this plugin is an excellent tool to secure your site. It is definitely helping people to take their website security to the next level. Get it here now.

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