Without You – from Tune Mercury is a soulful gem that evokes passion in a relationship.


Without You is the latest track from Tune Mercury, as presented by the exciting brand Til-Ya-Tight Music. Without You is a fun, upbeat love song about a relationship and all the ups and downs involved in it, the way that a romantic partner can challenge you.

Tune Mercury is an artist who has always been passionate about music and is finally giving himself the chance to explore this side of his talent. He is a former football player from Aurora, Colorado, who is now building a professional music career for himself.

Austin Quarles, known by many as Tune Mercury, started working on his music in 2010 when his family gifted him the right tools to start creating and producing his own tracks.
He draws inspiration from rappers like Eminem, Lil Baby, Rylo, No Cap, and, especially, Lil Wayne, as his dream is to be able to talk to this artist and learn from him about the artistry and the business of making music.

Tune Mercury signed with Til-Ya-Tight Music label in 2020 and is currently working on his music catalog. His newest, Without You, is sure to get you dancing, bopping, and nodding along. It is sure to please rap fans looking for happy songs with a catchy beat and fun lyrics. In addition, it offers a great experience for indie music fans and those looking for a hot new rapper to add to their playlists. Tune Mercury creates stylish and distinctive music that brings a summer vibe that will definitely find many fans across the world.

Released under Til-Ya-Tight Entertainment, Without You’s music video showcases the artist’s charisma and the fun, dance-y vibes of the track. It is the perfect way to enjoy Without You with some spot-on visuals to go along with the track.

Tune Mercury is a rising rapper who is sure to enjoy the attention of many listeners. With catchy, stylish, and charismatic tracks, he is an artist to watch out for. Without You is now streaming on Spotify and all the major music platforms. You can find out more about Tune Mercury and his music on Til-Ya-Tight Music’s website. Make sure to follow him on IG to stay tuned for future releases.

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