An introduction to Eco-Friendly Hair Tie – 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable

Eco-Friendly Hair Tie is a company founded by 3 cousins – Fern, Ploy and Clara. Fern Phataraprasit’s professional background is from Northeastern University and UCL. Ploy Phataraprasit’s professional background is from MI. A unique degree program combining contemporary music performance with training in such traditional music disciplines as music arranging, history and theory. Clara Phataraprasit’s professional…


Brian Field’s stylistic variety of works across the album, ‘Vocal Works’ is an exciting listening ride.

Produced as a compilation of multiple vocal works by Brian Field, this disk places the human voice at the center stage and presents it in multiple distinct instrumentations and musical styles. Across the six pieces which make up the album, we can hear Capella choral pieces, orchestral accompaniment songs, broadway-style tunes, and intimate chamber songs…


Bestselling Author Scott Hughes has provided an amazing platform of OnlineBookClub for book lovers to enjoy!

When Scott Hughes was 19, he started Today, this site has over 2.7 million registered members and continues to grow. Since 2014, Scott has been able to dedicate himself to the website full-time, and it has grown to make up a huge community of readers and lovers of books.  But what is As…


The science-fiction novel ‘Make Me Exist’ by Author Brittany Ziegler has a unique romantic storyline with a strong female lead

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Brittany Ziegler, Author of four-part book series Make Me Exist. She was born in California and currently resides on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. She studied marine sciences and biology at the University of Hawaii, as well as dabbled in creative writing and photography. Hi Brittany, Great…


Throughout her life, LizzieKaren dreamt of a mythological world and now shares it through her Youtube ‘LizzieKaren Dreams of Atlantis’.

LizzieKaren is an Author, Tiktok Content Creator, and Youtuber who has been developing her channel for a while. With thousands of views on many of the videos, this creator has a truly unique concept and idea – exploring past lives through her dreams and leaving a record through her videos. Her channel is titled LizzieKaren…


Crypto can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be, InFer is determined to make the adoption of cryptocurrency easy.

InFer is a BnB redistribution protocol that uses custom smart contracts to automate these processes. InFer is designed to power decentralized applications by generating continuous liquidity for these platforms. All smart contracts are tested and viewable on the website via the testnet link to foster transparency and to better showcase the contract in action. InFer…


Founded by Nils A, NFTs soldiers has a strong commitment to charitable cause Wounded Warrior Project.

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular as a new way of making investments and making money through new blockchain technology. There are all kinds of growing communities built around this concept, bringing more people into the game. NFTSoldiers is unique with a strong focus and a commitment to military charities.  NFT Soldiers is a community meant to encourage many…