She had to give up her personal safety to tell the story to the public! Meet Mary Austin, The Author of ‘The Last Rose of Summer’

Mary Austin. She is the pseudonym for a physician who, in order to publicize a suppressed discovery in cancer research, had to sacrifice first her academic career, then a career as a board-certified pediatrician, and then her personal safety. She would do it again. The Last Rose of Summer is based on a true story. While…


Rod Merchand’s book – Man…F@#K!: The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship shares the honest and unspoken reality of entrepreneurship!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Rod Marchand, author of Man…F@#K!: The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship.  Man…F@#K! shares the honest and often unspoken reality of entrepreneurship while serving up a large dose of much-needed hope and inspiration to all business owners and entrepreneurs trying to take their companies to the next level. Unlike most other books on…


Sarah Dorothy Little’s hard work and fun posts have made her a Social Media Star!

Sarah Dorothy Little is an Actress, Social Media Influencer, and Singer. She is primarily known for her makeup and lifestyle content and her comedic videos. Sarah released an original single in 2019, entitled Catch My Woah, available on most streaming platforms. She released a cover of Selena Gomez’s song, Boyfriend, in 2020, with over one…


She has been an Entrepreneur since she was 7 years old! Lets hear the story of Sally Perdigones Hendricks, Founder of Coco Nutrify

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Sally Perdigones Hendricks, founder of Coco Nutrify, H Vitality Cosmetics, and Jewelry By Sally. Please tell us something about yourself. I am the eldest in my family, born and raised in Talalora, Western Samar, a small town in the Eastern Visayas Region of the Philippines. I moved to…


She is on a mission to help 100,000 parents live a happy, holistic, and spiritual life! Meet Riddhi Deorah, Founder and CEO of Easy Parenting Hub!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Riddhi Deorah, a Parenting Expert and Influencer. She is the Founder and CEO of Easy Parenting Hub and on a mission to help 100,000 parents live a happy, holistic, and spiritual life.  Can you please tell us more about your journey? I was born and brought up in…