Get that never ending energy with HBE..says Alysia Kaempf – founder of HardBody Energy drinks

Today, we are Interviewing Alysia Kaempf, aka Hardbodybarbie. She is a fitness model, trainer, and entrepreneur. An MIT graduate with a degree in business, her love for health and wellness deepened her curiosity in researching herbal medicine and its natural benefits for the human body. Thus, this triggered her desire to develop a healthier version…


Inspirational Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach shares her success journey and strategies

Today, we are Interviewing Charisma. As a writer, speaker and coach. Charisma inspires and empowers others to achieve radiating confidence within their mind and body. With a psychology and business degree, a coaching certification and owning her own restaurant, Charisma has experience in many areas. She speaks about real-life stories and shares advice in a…