Three High School Students Help Cancer Patients Combat COVID-19 with Grassroots Mask with a Message Campaign 

As the world continues in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are selflessly risking their lives to save others’ lives. Stories of their heroics are common and yet still do not cover the breadth of their sacrifice. However, there is another group of people that also needs attention–cancer patients. These already vulnerable people…


A treat for movie fans: Action Thriller ‘It’s About Choices’ by Director & Producer Nehesh Poll

Nehesh Poll is known for being the producer’s director. Taking on many roles, from being a Director, writer, composer, Music director, Editor, Mix, and mastering engineer to an actor Nehesh Poll does it all, making these skills an invaluable asset to any project. He is known for his English action-thriller feature film ‘It’s About Choices,’…


Tech Entrepreneur KayeCee Austin talks about Cadence.Co – A Social Network platform for members with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, Bi-Polar, and other neurodiverse personalities

Bitgog: Thank you for joining us today. For those who aren’t familiar, please share a little about yourself. KayeCee: Thank you for having me. I’m KayeCee Austin, a Tech Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and Mindset Coach. Bitgog: So we hear, as an Amazon Best Selling Author, that you have your fourth book coming out soon. It’s called…