Dr Barry

Get through a soulful musical journey with Dr. Barry Whitney’s music album ‘Songs for the Trinity’.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Barry Whitney. He is a Music Lover and had written several songs over the last 10 years and has recently released his album.  Dr. Barry Whitney is a celebrated professor/ scholar who is most appreciated for his ability to inspire a highly diverse audience to think deeply about…


Rendezvous with Eli, Founder of Vision Thrive who helps businesses everywhere go online aggressively.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Eli, Founder of Vision Thrive.  Hi Eli, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about your company, Vision Thrive. Vision Thrive is the first of its kind agency to give small businesses the same tools as larger companies. At Vision Thrive, we help small businesses compete with high-quality…

Intelligent Systems

Read the fascinating new book from author Alexander Ngu titled Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory

Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory is a new approach to intelligence and the interaction of intelligent systems. Developing a new and fascinating unified theory of intelligence and placing it within a philosophical framework, the book is a stimulating and intriguing read for anyone with interest in the topic.  What is intelligence? This is a definition…


Rising Rapper Santa Sallet entertains his fans with stupendous vibes of contemporary rap in the track ‘Just Another Tuesday’

Just Another Tuesday is the newest single from rapper and songwriter Santa Sallet, who provides a unique track along with a fun and fresh music video. Just Another Tuesday is part of the upcoming mixtape Plutography.  Just Another Tuesday was written as a free exercise based on the beat by producer Nemizzo, a long-time collaborator of the artist. After receiving…

bad time

For anyone who has struggled with sexual harassment and traumatic experiences, check out the single Bad Time by Tarah Who?

Bad Time is the newest release from Tarah Who?, a somber and meaningful track about her experiences with sexual harassment to discuss this difficult topic in a genuine and effective way with a lot of artistic value. Bad Time focuses on the experience of sexual harassment that she had when she was younger. She discusses it reluctantly…


Upcoming Hip Hop Artist Turnupwater is back with great vibes in his latest single ‘Out of Focus’.

Out of Focus is the newest release from turnupwater, a rising hip-hop artist who is making waves in the rap indie scene. With a strong devotion to God and a lot of musical talent, turnupwater is growing in popularity and reaching more people.  Coming from Springfield, Illinois, the artist is currently based in Los Angeles and is creating and…