Latest video of Metal music band ‘Sepsiss’ is out on youtube – ‘Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached’

Oh man! Metal music just makes you feel so awesome. I love to explore upcoming and successful bands. I stumbled upon this Impressive Metal band Sepsiss. Their band members include: Melissa – Vocalist William Savant – Guitar Player/Vocals Cam Loud – Guitar Player Mr. Goodbarz – Keyboard Player Just a few days ago, The metal…


“I get an itch for you every now and then” – Check out Sonya Teclai’s latest single Itch

Sonya Teclai has just recently launched her latest single Itch. And as always, I love spreading the news of awesome music and artists to our blog audience. The profoundly awaited single comes after her previously released singles like “Good Times,” Far Away, Hurt Me, and “Finessin’.” “Itch” is a passionate song. The song starts with…


Leslie Birkland, Star of Reality TV show Big Rich Texas talks about her book – Daughters of Dementia

Today, we are interviewing Leslie Birkland, renowned for being the woman who went from welfare to the reality hit show, Big Rich Texas. She has traveled internationally for modeling assignments on several occasions. She is now a certified Wellness Coach, specializing in Holistic Medicine in hopes of finding natural ways to slow down the dementia…